What is fifte?

fifte is a purposefully simple video organizer, aimed at movement professionals and their clients. Our goal is to provide a clean, user-friendly way for individuals to create and organize videos of themselves performing exercises and movements under the direction of a therapist, trainer, or other movement professional. With a catalog of movements and notes from their pro, users will be better able to recall and correctly perform those movements on their own, and see better results in their treatment or training program.

Why would I use it?


For the movement professional, fifte gives you a way to help your clients keep track of the exercises and movements that will help them most. When a physical therapy patient or personal training client can see themselves doing an exercise, they recall it better, and perform it with more precision and better control than working from an abstract description, or even watching a professional perform it.

This combination of Precise Execution of Movement + Increased Compliance = Best outcomes for your clients.


For the end user, fifte is the best way to organize and view the movements you've worked on with your therapist, trainer, or other movement professional. No more combing the web for examples of the exercise you just learned, wondering if the version you're seeing is really correct, or correct for you. No more getting home from a great session and realizing you've already completely forgotten the exercises your pro just taught you.

fifte lets you bring exercises home with confidence that you're doing them correctly and getting maximum benefit.

Who is SalemSoft?

We are a team of movement professionals creating purposefully simple solutions for movement professionals to enhance their impact. With over 3 decades combined experience building software and helping people move better, we think we have unique insights into how we can help the movement professional and their clients achieve great results.